Strengthening FPOs

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through economics of aggregation by Uniting the farms and farmers through FPO’s

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We are Kisan Saathi – one of the prominent players in FPO model engagement established in 2015
An initiative to build FPO's of India - creating self sustainability and better farm income realisation for farmers, FPO's through effective capacity building , FPO Management, collectivisation approach, agronomy , cultivating practices, transfer of technology, improved post harvest management and efficient front end market linkages

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Forbes magazine, 2019

The "Farmer"s Companion" Bringing Together Food Buyers And Producers In Urban India

Zenger, 2020

Technology Helps Indian Farmers Get a Better Deal

Niti aayog, 74th page, 2021

Agriculture and Allied Sectors

Social alpha, 2022

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Niti aayog, 27th page

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